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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Let's get started

Where Life, Thought, Movement, Action, Change, Health is possible, improvement is also possible.

You may think that you've hit the very bottom of existence, and while I doubt this is true, let's just imagine that you have. This would mean that there is unlimited scope for improvement in every aspect of your life!

I know this statement may not do much to lift you up, and the first thought that might cross your mind is, "where do I even begin?" The answer is anywhere - just do ONE thing that will make a positive difference, and it needn't be anything big. Wash the dishes, phone ten people and ask if they know of any job you might apply for (even if temporary) or even just have a bath so you smell better.

The point is that any action will improve your mental state and make you feel that you can accomplish more. Don't do something that is likely to lead to failure though, like applying for positions that you are less than qualified for.

Ask any salesman; a string of failures can lead to depression and kill enthusiasm and any further attempts to succeed. The one distinctive characteristic of successful sales persons is a high tolerance for rejection and failure. They have to endure about ten "no's" on average to get to one "yes", and often go through many multiples of this formula to get one acceptance. Even for them, knowing that this is what it takes to succeed, too many failures will dampen their spirit.

So, choose one easily achievable and positive goal that will improve your life now. Do it immediately, and you'll feel empowered and willing to tackle something bigger. Don't get carried away and try to change the world in the next step though. Ultimate success is achieved one simple step at a time.

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