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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Keep Going!

Nothing is more important to success than perseverance. Many projects have been started with great enthusiasm and drive, but seem to fizzle at the first sign of opposition. The ones that make an impact on our world are the ones that have been pursued relentlessly. At this point I could tell you countless success stories of persons like Les Brown, Paul Rokich or Colonel Sanders who won out because of their persistence, but you can look them up on the internet yourself. The fact is that you will not find a single success out there without a story of perseverance backing up an idea and bringing it to fruition. The most important of these stories is the one YOU are about to start writing.

Your ability to believe in yourself and your idea to the extent that you refuse to give up on it is key, but before you can pursue your idea, you need to get your priorities sorted out. My Dad used to harp on about priorities, but I never really got it until I read Steven Covey’s book – The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. One of the habits he mentions is “doing first things first”. That gave me a different perspective on priorities; you cannot reach your goal if you do not take all the intermediate steps in getting there in the right order! Get the education, do the research, make the acquaintances, get the license, whatever the next step is in achieving your goal should be your immediate focus.