Living your Maximum Life is about motivation, maximum performance and a balanced lifestyle, but more importantly, there is a recognition that every person is unique, and a pioneer of their own life path.

My aim is to help readers define their Life Footprint and start living a Purpose Driven life. This means taking hold of the steering wheel and Living Deliberately. One warning though - Reading these essays could be life changing!

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Today's Facebook Post:

I have been asking myself this question all weekend; "If money and other people's expectations/demands were no object, what would you do with your life?" I seemed to come up with a lot of things I wanted to have or be, but nothing I wanted to DO, until I asked myself This Question: "What would you do for free, just for the joy of doing it, no payment required, as often as the opportunity arose?" My answer? I'd speak in public. I love motivating, inspiring and contributing to people's growth. I love projects too, but they are super stressful, and I'd insist on better pay than I ever received for any of them (check my work history). Giving people hope, vision and meaning however is the most amazing thing... To see people excel, based on something you imparted to them, THAT is the most gratifying thing in my life. I don't speak to people because I'm a wise-ass, I do it because I love to see them rally, take on life with gusto and win. I don't think I'll be fully happy until I devote myself to this.

Until next time, don't forget to live your Maximum Life!

Daryl - 8 Apr '1